There is only one rule (for now)

Positive Design has a beneficial impact on our lives and environment

Yes, it’s true. We live in tough times. We all have different worries. Some are minor, some terrifying. We like to take sides, and to feel we picked the right one. With technology that’s an impossible question. Whose side do we choose? Apple over Android? Whatsapp over Facebook? Telegram over Whatsapp? And who is on our side? What’s our side after all?

Do you also get this tingly feeling that, even though, you cannot put away your phone you feel you really should? Do you feel technology and design cheat you some times? You are not alone. Even as someone who dreams up software for a living it is getting increasingly difficult to create something worth time, attention, and other currency.

Let’s call this a pledge of hopeful thinking.
The need for this manifest came to be in a moment of self-preservation, believing in the good side of the force. The force being design and the tools, methods and fetishes of our trade. In moments of too much clarity, too much “Where is the user in this” thinking, I asked myself to stay positive. At least stay positive.

Well, what does it mean to be positive as a designer? Smiling when we are optimizing for time in app - attention as currency? What is a positive designer? Certainly not just user-centric because that means nothing. Put me in the middle, dissect me, call me Sir and serve me serotonin. Claiming I am doing something good for your users. User. That’s drug dealer lingo btw.

There is not zero sum in pain and suffering. Quality of life is not a balance sheet.

In order to be most effective we need to talk and write about our intentions, learnings, hopes and fears. Talking too much turns me into a maniac. Writing makes me sound like one. I try to choose the latter. Mainly for the sake of those who hang with me.


Admittedly, it doesn’t sound like much (more than a silent cry of a lone designer). I know. That pretty much sums ip up. :=)
Still, there is more to come. Links to resources and likeminded folks. Tips, tricks & hacks for your personal and team sanity. Articles and ideas on how to really do more with less. So yeah, this is really more of a placeholder for myself. No one knows this exists, yet. So I can write whatever I want, dickheads. No one will notice.

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